Bon Secour National Wildlife Refuge Trails

Perdue Unit

The west end of Little Lagoon is surrounded by the Perdue Unit of the Bon Secour NWR established in 1980 to protect threatened species. Its interior habitats include scrub forest, fresh and saltwater marshes and swamps, as well as uplands that provide for migratory birds species, alligators, red fox, coyotes, and armadillos, among other species. Its beaches serve as nesting sites for loggerhead and other sea turtles, and its sand dune habitats are home to the endangered Alabama beach mouse.

Bon Secour NWR Map

More Trails...

The Jeff Friend Trail (see the webpage on this site) is connected to the Centennial Trail (see it in Bing Map's Bird's Eye View which runs west for 2 miles to meet the Pine Beach Trail (also on a webpage on this site) just south of the solar powered bathroom. Centennial Trail meanders through maritime forest, wetlands, and refuge scrub habitat. Further south off of Pine Beach Trail is Gator Lake Trail which runs west south of where the freshwater lake meets salty Little Lagoon. (See it This trail is excellent for viewing a diversity of habitats and the wildlife that use them. Gator Lake Trail connects back to the double curve on Mobile Street. From here you can hike north up the street back to the entrance of Pine Beach trail or head south to the beach.

Trail Map

The maps above were taken from the Bon Secour National Wildlife Refuge website.