Lagoon Park

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Newly constructed Lagoon Park was built on a pair of privately owned sites purchased by the City of Gulf Shores. Where a convenience store and private boat launch known as Mo's Landing and a small RV Park used to be, the City constructed improved boat ramps, added parking for both vehicles and boat trailers, and a constructed a bathhouse as part of its first phase of construction. A picnic shelter, picnic tables, and perhaps some beach improvements may be added in the future.

The park is 1.8 miles west of Highway 59 on Morgan Road (Highway 180). The bathhouse deck overlooking the Lagoon provides a good resting point for cyclists, walkers, and joggers on the 5.3 mile paved bikepath and walking trail that winds between the trees on the north side of Fort Morgan Road.

In addition to the boat ramps that provide access for fishing, sports, and recreational boating, the park also provides a fine access point for kayaks and canoes to the north shores of Little Lagoon, which are characterized by single family homes in pine tree sheltered properties with piers and boathouses extending into the shallow waters. ...back