Lagoon Pier

W. 13th St. Beach Access

W. 13th St. Parking

Lagoon Pier and W. 13th St. Beach Access

Lagoon Pier was built on a old right-of-way on the southern shore of Little Lagoon. The developers of the subdivision to the south built it and donated it to the City as a public pier. The pier can be accessed from the end of the cul-de sac on the extension of W. Lagoon Ave. behind Sanibel Condominium. On-street public parking is available on W. 13th St. which serves both the pier and the beach access at south of W. Beach Blvd. across from W. 13th St. The beach access has benches and a shower, but the closest public restrooms are a couple of blocks to the west at Lagoon Pass Park.

The pier extends into a shallow sandy area that extends well out into the lagoon, so it is not a great place for fishing, but it is a good place for bird watching. The pier is unusually high off the water, making it a good location for a kayaker to paddle under for a little rest out of the sun. ...back...

... or get a great view of the area using Bing (Microsoft) Map's Bird's Eye View (The aerial picture of pier, parking lot, and beach access above taken from that site.)