Wade Ward Nature Park

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Wade Ward Nature Park is a City of Gulf Shores park found in the commercial downtown area just two blocks north of the main public beach. It is a public pedestrian access to a pocket of natural wetlands and waterways found in between the beach condominiums and commercial buildings in Gulf Shores.

It is not really an access to the lagoon, but a place to view from a comfortably dry, elevated boarwalk, the wetlands that connect Little Lagooon and Lake Shelby. Even this close to the downtown commercial bustle, wildlife such otters, pelicans, and the ocasional aligator can be seen hunting and fishing in its shallow water and wetlands. It is also one of the Alabama Coastal Birding Trail sites and, therefore, a great place to look out for migrating and local birds.

The park can be accessed from a sidewalk on Highway 59 to a sidewalk with benches that line a narrow waterway including a small pavlion and deck overlooking the water. Nearby, a short boardwalk crosses the waterway and allows a view of the wetland area. Free public parking can be found just a short walk south one block walk on Highway 59 and then one block east on E. 1st St. ...back...

... or check out this area using Bing (Microsoft) Map's Bird's Eye View (the aerial picture of the boardwalk on this page taken from that site) ...here...